Current Lab Members:

Chong Man Chow, Ph.D., Director

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Dr. Chong Man Chow  is currently an associate professor of Developmental/Quantitative Psychology at Eastern Michigan University and the director of the Youth and Adolescent Relationships Laboratory. He received his doctorate in psychological sciences from The University of Texas at Dallas, specializing in adolescent social development. His research interests are focused on interpersonal relationships and how they impact psychological adjustment during adolescence and emerging adulthood.

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Ellen Hart, Graduate Researcher 


Ellen Hart is a graduate student working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at EMU. She earned her B.S. in Child Development and Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Ellen’s primary research interests include the parent-child relationship and parent-child communication, especially around difficult topics. In her free time, she enjoys being outside and spending time with friends and family. Ellen is currently on doctoral internship at Rochester University.

Valerie Valledor, Graduate Researcher

Valerie is a second year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at Eastern Michigan. Before entering the doctoral program, she earned a B.S in Psychology at the University of Florida and completed two years of research in the S.E.L.F Regulation Lab at Florida International University. Her primary research interest is to discern what factors should be considered by families to promote healthy eating behaviors and positive body image. Valerie loves to spend her free time with her friends and family, especially at the beach. She is also passionate about exercise, using her polaroid camera and traveling.

Warner Myntti, Graduate Researcher


Warner is a first-year Master’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at EMU. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Ferris State University. His primary research interests include social and psychological determinants of risky behaviors (e.g., eating disorder pathology, self-injury) in adolescence and early adulthood. After graduating from EMU, Warner hopes to gain admittance to a PhD program in psychology to continue research and clinical training in these areas.

Lucas Parnell, Graduate Researcher


Lucas is a first-year master’s student in the Experimental Psychology program at EMU. He earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in statistics from Colorado Mesa University. There he conducted research in the Erudite cognitive/developmental lab. This past year, he presented at the Western Psychological Association on the role of political ideology, sense of control, and logic in COVID-19 related conspiracy theories. In his free time, Lucas enjoys playing the ukulele and ultimate frisbee.

Emily Sokol, Graduate Researcher


Emily is a first-year student in the general clinical master’s program at EMU. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2021 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Youth and Society. In her undergrad, she conducted research on pubertal timing, mood disorders, and disordered eating during childhood and adolescence. After graduating from EMU, Emily hopes to attend a clinical psychology Ph.D. program to continue her clinical and research training.

Vasavi Shanthi, Graduate Researcher


I’m Vasavi, am in my last year of the Clinical Behavioral Psychology Master’s program. Broadly, Im interested in learning about (family, personality) variables that explain problematic smartphone use better and investigating mechanisms through which problematic smartphone use develops. I like trying out coffee shops, playing Xbox, and baking.

Jenna Walter, Undergraduate Researcher


Jenna is an undergraduate student in the psychology program at Eastern Michigan University. After graduating, she plans to go to grad school to become a mental health therapist. In her free time, she enjoys writing, going for walks, and hanging out with friends.

Abby Farrer, Undergraduate Researcher


Abby is a third year undergraduate student within the psychology program at Eastern Michigan University. After graduating, she plans on working in post-baccalaureate research and clinical opportunities in the field before going to graduate school to become a Clinical Psychologist. In her free time, Abby enjoys spending time with friends and family and taking walks with her dog.


Accomplishment upon graduation
Ryan Glaman Doctoral program at University of North Texas
Logan Rome Doctoral program at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Emma Mathison Master’s program at St Cloud University
Matthew Manley Master’s program at Northern Iowa University
Katarena Hubbartt Master’s program at Kent State University
Amanda Kapla Master’s program at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Lang Lee Lee Master’s program at California State University-Fullerton
Katelynn Gohr Master’s program at Northern Illinois University
Kalli Gloudemans Law school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Silvana Alfaro Doctoral program at Wayne State University
Allison Poyer Master’s program at Wayne State University
Seyma Inan Doctoral program at University of Miami
Alexandra Amersdorfer Doctoral program at Texas Woman’s University
Nicholas DiBenedetto Master’s program at Wayne State University
Khadijah Griffis Master’s program at Eastern Michigan University
Aimee Sohnleitner Clinical Psychologist in Northville, MI
Krystal Moroney Doctoral program at Wichita State University
Alex Hodge Doctoral program at Carnegie Mellon University
Erica Szkody Doctoral program at Mississippi State University
Karissa Heino Master’s program at Wayne State University
Sierra Hill Master’s program at University of Michigan-Dearborn
Chris Mitropoulos-Rundus Master’s program at University of Iowa
Karess Taylor Master’s program at University of Michigan
Caitlyn Thelen Doctoral Program at Radford University
Sean Beckom II Turner Sports (NBA) Partner Strategy, Coordinator
Ahmad Zalt Clinical Research Coordinator at Michigan Medicine
David Farris Master’s program at Middle Tennessee State University

Notes: We have more wonderful alumni out there that we failed to keep track of. Please keep us posted about your most recent accomplishment!